Office orders and delivery

Offer an amazing food experience to the work environment everyday.
Increase orders, improve your restaurant’s brand awareness and benefit from delivery economies with
our office ordering function.

Office Lunches Catering

Deliver your amazing food for office lunches, parties, meetings and team-buildings.

Organized office orders

Easily collect and organize large amounts of office orders and deliveries

Gather individual client data and analytics

Employees register separately and join your database of clients

Additional revenue stream

Office ordering gives your business an additional revenue stream

Loyal corporate clients and their employees

Company employees become your loyal clients

Stronger branding for your restaurant

Company employees become your loyal clients

Office ordering gives you even lower cost-per-transaction, higher margins and a high return-on-investment.

Access to all ordering details about your corporate clients and their employees with our analytics and reporting.

Control all orders from one place: online, mobile and phone, for a more optimized work environment.

4 Step Setup


Set-up a special company code. E.g. “ACME Corp.”


Send an email to ACME Corp. HR department with a special offer and with the code ACME Corp.


HR emails the special company code and offer to "ACME Corp." employees.


Employees register with a personal profile and you retain all their purchase and order data.

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