Fast Menu Marketing

The Fast Menu Marketing activities are aimed at popularizing your brand online,
generating more orders and bringing more loyal customers for your business.

Marketing services

Increase Brand Awereness

We create brand awareness campaigns aiming a strong online positioning and brand engagement connection with your clients.

More Traffic and Orders

Connect restaurant brand directly with more qualified leads and run performance optimised campaigns for more orders.

Performance Tracking

Track easily all key performing indicators of your restaurant in one place and improve the process based on orders statistics.

Complimentary Launch Package

Getting the first orders in

The complimentary launch package will bring your first online orders. It features materials that will guide your current customers to start ordering online.

Even if your restaurant is well-known and you have a loyal clientele, you still need to invest in marketing activities that will bring those customers to order online.

The launch package features:

  • Door stickers
  • Order/bill inserts

Email Marketing

Your loyal customers, your message

Email is still the most effective and measurable tool in marketing. Our system has a built-in integration for sending email marketing campaigns that can be used to target your clients, track orders and revenue.

With Fast Menu you have access to your clients’ contact details and information, we do not sell or market any other products to them, they are your loyal fans and followers!

Email campaigns can be sent to promote special or daily menus, discount codes, new items, reservations, events and any other special offers.

Mobile Marketing

Your mobile audience awaits

Be in the palm of your customer’s hand with a custom branded app for iOS and Android. The mobile apps are a great way to engage today’s mobile shopper and secure tomorrow’s loyal client.

We can bring your restaurant’s…

  • Menu
  • Promotions
  • Delivery
  • Reservation
  • Events  

…to the smartphones of hundreds of hungry customers.

We can also add:

Push notifications that showcase menu items, special deals and news Campaigns for mobile app downloads that will guarantee your first app users

Social Media

It’s not just posts, it’s eCommerce!

We use Facebook and Instagram, but we can always add any other channel. Our eCommerce experts will create a strategy tailored to your food business that will bring more orders and more loyal clients.

We don’t write posts, we create campaigns that bring in business!

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Be above your competitors, in Google too.

Our Google search campaigns will put you above the competition in the world’s most popular website, while the mouth-watering banners will secure your first online orders.

In Google we have the experience and know-how to develop effective:

  • Search Campaigns
  • Display Network Campaigns
  • Universal App Campagns: for mobile app downloads

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Have video? Let’s show it!

Video is becoming the most popular ad format online and we know how to make the best of it.

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