This service connects one of the best restaurants in Bulgaria with companies and their employees in a very mutually beneficial way:

Companies provide social benefits to their employees in a way of preferential conditions for online food orders and saving expenses, and the restaurants receive access to new and loyal clients.


This service is especially created for companies, which want to provide social benefits to their employees in terms of preferential conditions and discounts for food online orders that are granted by our network of partner restaurants.


With this service the company receive an access to more than 20 partner restaurants and chains and can choice, which ones to activate.


Every restaurant offers a standard package of preferences for the company employees, but there is also a possibility for individual – agreed conditions.


From the restaurants that you choose your employees can order online for the office for working events but also for personal events using again all granted discounts as follows:


  • Discount from every online order
  • Free delivery to the office
  • Digital  wallet with bonuses with preferential conditions
  • Access to special menus ( lunch, catering for events, etc)
  • Discount for pre-ordering with reservation