Increase Your Delivery Zone

Expand your coverage and grow your revenue with on-demand couriers.

Faster Delivery

Group orders with similar delivery addresses. Use our delivery drivers for closer zones.

Improve Order Management

Easily manage a big number of orders coming in rush hours that have to be delivered fast.

Cut the Transportation Costs

Track orders for time, cost and fuel economy reduction.

User friendly and simple application for your drivers. With it, they will receive the orders which the operator choose and the app will calculate the optimal route for the delivery and navigates the driver to the final place. After finishing the delivery you can see all  statuses of the order – order is taken by the driver, order is on its way to the client and delivered.

Favourite Features Of Our Clients

  • Choosing the fastest and shortest rout to the client
  • Calling clients directly from the list of orders
  • Orders tracking
  • Pushup new order
  • Online/ofline driver
  • Map with the destination